The Code of Ethics Behind Our Award-Winning Service

At Cartelli's Plumbing & Heating, all employees abide by the following Code of Ethics:

  1. WE ARE COMMITTED TO SERVING OUR CUSTOMERS with integrity, competence, and objectivity.
  2. We will consistently deliver more than we promise through value added service.
  3. We will perform all work to meet or exceed the established technical standards within our industry.
  4. We will explore each customer's situation in detail, gathering sufficient facts to gain an understanding of the problem, to determine the scope of assistance needed, and to provide appropriate technical expertise and solutions.
  5. We will respect our customers' property, leaving every home as clean as we found it.
  6. We will agree with our customers independently and in advance on the basis of our fees. Our prices will be responsible, legitimate, and commensurate with the quality of services that we deliver and the responsibility that we accept.
  7. We will not advertise our services in a deceptive manner.
  8. We will perform jobs for which we are qualified by our experience and technical proficiency.
  9. We will maintain a wholly professional attitude and behavior at all times, making quality service the hallmark of each job we perform.

These 9 Golden Rules of great service are what make Cartelli's (now Outstanding) and award-winning home service contractor. Our professionals are highly trained and committed to improving the comfort of your home. That's why homeowners in Long Island say:

"In Cartelli's We Trust!"

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